How Do You Carry Out Your Documentation Work?

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It could be stated with zero doubts that none of us can work without documents. Until we die, there will be thousands of documents to deal with. If you can remember the amount of papers and other stuff that your parents had to fill and submit when you were entered to the pre school.

Did it ever stop?
No. It keeps on going. Sometimes this becomes an extremely frustrating thing for any of us due to the confusion it creates. But, we can’t ignore that as well, because that is how we have been doing things for more than decades. However, in today’s context, people rarely talk about manual document preparation. For instance, back in the time, probably 30 to 40 years back, when we wanted to prepare some kind of a document, there was no other option rather than writing it on a paper with a pen. If not, the only solution was the old type writer. The technology was not developed, even the professionals such as journalists had to get the use of a type writing machine.

Is it still the same?
Not at all. We shouldn’t forget the fact that we are living in the era of technological development. Everything is at our finger tips. The speed and accuracy of what we do, have increased drastically. Then how has it affected documentation? Thanks to the all time corporate icon Mr. Bill Gates who introduced Microsoft to this world. Here, what is relevant for us is, Microsoft office. It is not a strange thing for us and no need of a lengthy explanation as we all know the extent to which it has made our lives easy. Just assume that you are required to work on an assignment of 5000 words. Now are you going to sit and write the whole thing? You are not that silly. What you will do is, opening up a blank sheet on MS office and start typing. You can finish it within an hour or two. Similarly, when it comes to organizational activities, MS office is being used heavily. A fairly large business organization has hundreds of documents which are prepared and shared on average.

Therefore, companies have advanced it to the use of office365 business, which could be operated on an Internet platform. In other words, it helps you to access office applications and other services via the internet. This is a great way to ensure the safety of the documents that you share. But why? When you just save the files in your computer or laptop, there’s risk of that files being lost due to different reasons such as viruses, software errors etc. Even if you maintain a back up, you the risk is not reduced fully. What about something like a business cloud? That is basically a platform which enables data transmission. Two great examples would be Google drive and iCloud.
Sounds awesome isn’t it? Try it out.